Terms and Conditions of Service

Updated 08 May 2005

Locative Technologies provides two types of services under the geocoder.us brand: Free data services, and premium data services. Any use of our services is considered by us to be implicit acceptance of these terms and conditions:


Free data services are provided from sources in the public domain, or under licenses that do not prohibit their open redistribution by us, e.g. Creative Commons licenses. These services are licensed for use by the general public for non-commercial uses only. Individuals and businesses that wish to use our services for any commercial, for-profit activity must obtain our premium services. Our free data services are subject to change or withdrawal at any time. Access to free services may be throttled or restricted, at our option and without warning.

Premium data sources are licensed through our user registration system. Premium users are offered the opportunity to purchase credits, which may be exchanged for data services. Premium users are granted priority access to our services, and are not charged for searches that fail to return geographic coordinates. Premium users may not use our free services at any time.

Our free and premium licenses are not transferable.

Warranties, Remedies, Limitations

Although we make a ongoing effort to maintain and improve the quality and accuracy of our services, the information provided through them comes with NO WARRANTY, and no guarantee that the information is accurate to any particular degree, has any value, or is fit for any purpose. We specifically disclaim responsibility for any consequences arising from use of our data services or the information provided therein.

We reserve the right to revoke this license, with appropriate written notification. Licensees agree that in no event will Locative Technologies be liable for damages or compensation in any amount exceeding the current cash value of the remaining data services on credit with Locative Technologies. Locative Technologies may issue refunds or additional credit, at our sole option.

All our services are accessible via openly published protocols. We do not guarantee that these protocols are suitable for your needs or operable by you. We welcome code patches, bug reports, and support contract offers. We do not guarantee any level of support without a separate contract.

Licensees agree not to willfully abuse our services, or use them for illicit or illegal activities. We reserve the right to use network throttling or filtering to maintain the availability of our services to our customers.

We reserve the right to issue or revoke other licenses to use our services, or to alter these terms and conditions at any time.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and will not give away or sell identifying information about individual users and customers to third parties. We may, at our option, collect logs and statistics for internal use, or share aggregrate statistical information about the kinds of searches performed on our services with our strategic business partners.

Jurisdiction, Severability, etc.

Locative Technologies operates in Sebastopol, CA, and this license is governed by the laws of the State of California. In the event that any section of this license is invalidated or changed, all other sections will continue to be considered valid and binding.