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For best results please use a comma between the street and the city, and add the zip code if possible. Free lookups are throttled by your IP address to one request every 15 seconds.

Exciting news - June 2013: We now can offer Census Tracts for bulk geocoding. Happy dance :-)

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How can I help?

You can make improvements to the source code and send patches for inclusion in future releases. You can also donate via PayPal to help defray the cost of developing and hosting this free public service. Any amount is appreciated!

Recent News and Notes

July 27, 2012 Service outage and restoral. We are so sorry but was down. We appear to have restored all functionality. Please let us know if there are continuing issues. We are sorry for this!

If you are dependent on geocoding for mission critical services than you might consider having us install an instance of the geocoder system on your own server. Depending on the customization and support required we can do this for around $2,500.

Feb 2, 2012We are working to expand the product offerings. Please Email if you have product/service requests. Additional data? Mapping services? Census data? Proximity/nearest neighbor? Spatial database/consulting services? Throw us your ideas!

Rich Gibson has been working on the GigaPan Project, and has technical notes on GigaPanning here.

Commercial Services!

Locative Technology is proud to offer licenses to use our web services for commercial or for-profit purposes.

Web Services Interface

Interested in development-free bulk geocoding?

Bulk Geocoding

  • Send us data
  • We geocode it, and return it to you
  • The returned data includes any identifiers or names which you send to us, so you can reintegrate the data into your systems.
  • The data includes a KML file which you can open in Google Earth to see your addresses 'right now!' This is the easiest way to get a geographical sense of your data!
  • if you like it, pay for it! The cost is $50 per 20,000 records with a $50 minimum.
  • Please read this description of the process
Read more about how we have taken the work out of geocoding, and then contact our data bureau at
Affordable for many different applications!

Get 4 lookups per 1¢!

How can I use it?

You may use the demo on this website for non-commercial purposes.

We encourage you to write code using our web services API for non-commercial purposes! You can read our developer documentation, and take a look at some example SOAP, XML-RPC, REST-ful RDF, and NEW REST-ful CSV (plain text) clients. Please drop an email to if you plan to build our web services into your application, so that we can keep you informed of service updates or changes. We intend to make every effort to keep the geocoder running stably, but this service is provided with no warranty or guarantee of availability!

If you wish to use our web services for commercial purposes, you must sign up for a commercial license, or contact us to discuss other options. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service for more details.